24 Reasons Why All Edolites Should Support Rt Hon. Sergius Ose Ogun For Edo 2024 Guber Race

24 Reasons Why All Edolites Should Support Rt Hon. Sergius Ose Ogun For Edo 2024 Guber Race

1. Among all the governorship hopefuls, Rt Hon. Sergius Ose Ogun is the most credible, dependable, reliable and competent.

2. Rt Hon. Sergius Ose Ogun is a truly detribalized Edolite who believes in the unity of Edo State and the harmonious co-existence between its component parts.

3. Rt Hon. Sergius Ose Ogun is a home grown and home based Edolite and as such he knows what the challenges of Edo state are. Soothingly he has the desired elixirs to fix the identified deficits.

4. Rt Hon. Sergius Ose Ogun has the capacity and enormous goodwill to address the multi-faceted challenges plaguing our dear state. He is adequately ready to take the bull by the horn and hit the ground running from the first day in office.

5. Rt Hon. Sergius Ose Ogun has a rich history of excellent performance in public office. As a member of the House of Representatives, he made Agbazilo/Esan/Edo proud, his gubernatorial tenure would not be less spectacular. With him on the saddle, all Edolites shall have cause to smile for good.

6. Rt Hon. Sergius Ose Ogun is a caring and listening leader, he is not a self-righteous autocrat. As governor, he would seek good counsel from seasoned experts and employ the best hands to power the transformational train to move Edo to higher heights of all-round development and greatness irrespective of their ethnic and religious backgrounds. He shall adopt the bottom-top approach to governance.

7. Rt Hon. Sergius Ose Ogun will reduce the twin monsters of poverty and unemployment to the barest minimum through wealth creation, human capital development, employment generation and empowerment programmes. The welfare of the workforce ( both public and private) shall be accorded utmost priority.

8.Rt Hon. Sergius Ose Ogun is a household name in Edo state because of his unassailable records of good deeds and impeccable history of good reputation, thus any party that fields him is half-way through to the finish line of the gubernatorial race. Without any modicum of exaggeration, Rt Hon, Sergius Ose Ogun is the most popular politician in today’s Edo state.

9. The word failure does not exist in Rt Hon. Sergius Ose Ogun’s dictionary. When elected, he will not use phantom excuses to explain away failures as he will run a transparent, credible, open, responsible and responsive government.

10. Rt Hon. Sergius Ogun is a leader with a large heart, he will carry everyone along and give everybody a sense of belonging. He will be accountable and answerable to Edo people at all times.

11. Rt Hon. Sergius Ose Ogun will build upon the foundation laid by successive administrations, and revisit all redeemable abandoned projects, with a view to completing them.

12. As governor, Rt Hon. Sergius Ose Ogun will vote more money for capital projects in order to accelerate the pace of development while reducing recurrent expenditures to the barest minimum.

13 A Rt Hon.Sergius Ose Ogun-led government will expand access to basic and post basic education through the provision of more learning facilities, qualified manpower and award of bursaries/scholarships to deserving tertiary students of Edo origin.

14. Under Rt Hon. Sergius Ose Ogun’s watch, the health sector will be repositioned and strengthened to meet the health needs of the people, with emphatic focus on rural areas.

15. Rt Hon. Sergius Ose Ogun will personally lead the crusade against insecurity in Edo State. He will devise concrete measures to ensure a safer and more secured state where residents can sleep in bliss with their eyes closed.

16. Under the proactive and active leadership of Rt Hon. Sergius Ose Ogun, the agricultural sector will be revived. He will implement novel agricultural transformational programmes which will culminate in the restoration of Edo’s glory as the agro hub of Nigeria.

17. Rt Hon .Sergius Ose Ogun will engender the gender agenda by ensuring gender equality and give women their pride of place in the scheme of things. Girl-child education will be prioritised just as women empowerment shall be pursued with renewed gusto with the ultimate aim to lift thousands of Edo women out of poverty and squalor.

18. Rt Hon. Sergius Ose Ogun will attract more foreign direct investments to Edo state which would result in economic boom and create more jobs for the teeming populace, especially the youths.

19. Rt Hon. Sergius Ose Ogun shall revisit all moribund state owned industries with a view to getting their production wheels rolling again.

20. Rt Hon Sergius Ose Ogun will run a prudent and transparent government with zero tolerance for corruption, wastage, nepotism and favouritism. The state’s scarce resources shall be utilised judiciously and equitably for the benefit of all.

21. Rt Hon. Sergius Ose Ogun shall embark upon the total transformation of public infrastructure in the state and strive harder to put Edo on top of the chart of infrastructurally sophisticated states in Nigeria.

22. Edo under Rt Hon. Sergius Ose Ogun shall be clean and green. He will do the needful to engender a safer, cleaner and greener environment for all Edo residents.

23. Hon. Sergius Ose Ogun will provide enabling environment for the private sector to thrieve and requisite support will be given to SMEs to stimulate economic growth.

24. As governor, Rt Hon. Sergius Ogun will not rely only on federal allocations for funds, instead he shall explore other creative and innovative ways to generate more revenue in order to raise more funds to implement government policies, programmes and projects.

Courtesy: Patriotic Ambassadors For Greater Edo

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