By Henry J

The large auditorium hall of St Anthony Catholic Cathedral in Uromi was filled to capacity.

People from all walks of life came in their droves, decked in colourful attires in their shapes and sizes.

Uromi Road from the new roundabout was blocked with the overflow of traffic of exotic SUVs, sirens blasting and security operatives doing their jobs to ensure that the event of the day went well without hitches.

And at exactly 10am on Sunday, June 25, the thanksgiving service in appreciation to God for the successful inauguration of Senator Monday Okpebholo commenced.

His Excellency, Senator Monday Okpebholo, decked in a blue silk attire with Esan flavour, signifying his background as an illustrious son of Esan nation.

The most distinguished Rev Father of St Anthony Catholic Cathedral dwelled on the spiritual benefits of “Thanksgiving” as enshrined in the Holy Bible.

He cited several verses in the Bible, pointing to show that “thanksgiving” is to appreciate God’s favour which provokes new multifaceted open doors for greatness in life.

The clergy urged Monday Okpebholo to continue to hold on to God, ask Him for wisdom and direction, and administrate the Senatorial district with the fear of God.

He assured that Monday Okpebholo’s tenure signified a new dawn and glory for Edo Central.The Rev.Father urged Esan to pray and support him as he settles down to implement his electioneering campaign promises, encapsulated in his agenda.

Several dignitaries were in attendance at the thanksgiving service.

The Senator, Monday Okpebholo aka Akpakomiza and guests danced uncontrollably in appreciation to God Almighty for his successful inauguration as Senator on June 13.

It was indeed a superlative worship and praise service that brought together the high and the mighty in Edo Central Senatorial district politics across board.

Gen.Cecil went back into memory lane, traced his first encounter with Monday Okpebholo to two decades ago. He described him as a reliable, dependable and trustworthy individual who is never desperate for and over anything.

Hon.Henshaw, the younger brother of the Senator posited that since birth that the Senator is foresighted incorruptible, humble, tactful and responsible.

He thanked God for his life and family and assured that with Monday Okpebholo aka Akpakomiza in the saddle, Edo Central is in safe hands.

Chief Dr.Augustine Ojiezele said the incumbent Senator of Edo Central is a man of honour, humble and forward looking but never desperate and not overzealous, no matter the circumstances.

*Chief.Dr.Augustine Ojiezele* , known to be very blunt and practical, said he was led by God, not man, to support the Senatorial ambition of the celebrant, even though some political gladiators pressurized him to abandon Monday Okpebholo aka Akpakomiza, but he kept listening to the Holy Spirit, and eventually things went well for Senator Monday Okpebholo aka Akpakomiza.

He urged the incumbent Senator to be prayerful, listen to the yearnings and aspirations of the people, and to “take good care of your Senatorial district,” he added.

Monday Okpebholo aka Akpakomiza , while speaking at the Cathedral, assured Esans that “being Senator will not affect my grassroot connections with Esans”, pointing to show that he would have to maintain his street credibility as an excessive local content Senator.

He assured that political appointments will soon hit the airwaves as part of his deliberate efforts to constitute his Cabinet and assemble his core team for the smooth take off of Campaign agenda implementation.

Senator Monday Okpebholo aka Akpakomiza thanked the Esan people for the enviable roles they played to ensure that he got victory at the polls.

Most especially, he gave all the Glory to God.

He thanked all party faithfuls and Esan irrespective of political affiliation, for attending and celebrating his successful inauguration service as Senator.

It is hoped that the Senator will soon settle down to perform his duties and responsibilities assigned to him by the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and as Senator for *all Esan, irrespective of political divide.*

The thanksgiving serrvice at The St.Anthony Catholic Church Cathedral Uromi was anchored by ace master of state ceremony.

Once again, congratulations, our Distinguished Senator Monday Okpebholo

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