Chairmanship Candidate Of The PDP Says Women, Youths, Special Persons Will Have Attention Like Never Before.

Chairmanship Candidate Of The PDP Says Women, Youths, Special Persons Will Have Attention Like Never Before.

The Chairmanship Candidate of Esan South East Local Government Area in Edo State, Mr Louis Imhandegbelo popularly known as ‘Young Leader has assured that women, youths and special people will be given necessary attention if elected to lead the council in the forthcoming Local Government election coming up in September.

The leading Chairmanship Candidate made this known yesterday when he met with women in his country home, in furtherance of his campaign to get people’s support toward the forthcoming LGA election.
While stating the importance of women in the party politics, Louis Imhandegbelo said that his government will give them necessary focus if elected as the chairman of the council.

Their votes are massive and they can mobilize the people in the grassroots. We want you to mobilize for our success”, the Candidate pleaded.

“We are going to discharge our duties to the entire town but our party people are going to get the benefit of being party members”, he said. We are going to build markets and give it to women in such a way that will be affordable and convenient for them.

“We are going to do more empowerment for women and youths. We also have plans to give scholarships and bursaries to our students”, he said.
We are going to assist parents in educating their children and wards in their educational pursuits.

“Our focus will also take care of citizens, widows and special people who can no longer work again.

“We have special plans to support them and also give them a sense of belonging. Women need special attention and support because of the situation in the country.
We also have plan to support artisans too whom we have been receiving their supports”.

The Chairmanship candidate also promised to carry the community people along in all his programmes and policies and not just impose his will on them.

“Our programmes will not be imposed on the people. Our programmes are going to evolve in such ways that people are going to be the ones to determine what they want”.

Speaking further, the Candidate said that he is going to the council to lay a good foundation for a working local government system that will have an impact on the people which the local governments are created for.

“We are going to the council to lay the foundation for good governance and a system that those coming after us will continue to build upon”, Louis Imhandegbelo said.

I urge you all to go on streets to canvas others and give us maximum votes in the council election”, the Candidate further pleaded.


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