Charity Onosolelase speaks on why Paul Iyoha remains the right choice for Esan Central LGA Chairman.

Charity Onosolelase speaks on why Paul Iyoha remains the right choice for Esan Central LGA Chairman.

I am no master in the arts of introductions. It is however the case that when the man to be introduced has a rich resume and has sufficiently dotted his world with significance, the task of an introduction becomes easy. It is my intendment in this short piece to attempt a brief introduction of a man whose towering profile stands him out from the pack, like Saul in biblical times, he is taller than them all and handsome in form and substance. A perfect blend of the wisdom of Moses and the Experience of Jethro
I present my friend, brother, Pathfinder, leader, Hon. Paul Onosedeba Iyoha, Esan Central Local Government Chairmanship candidate on the platform of People’s Democratic Party PDP.

The man, Hon. Paul Onosedeba Iyoha means different things to different people. To some people, he is a renowned Politician, a political enigma, whose brand of politics is confounding yet remarkable. I see in him, a man who is involved in unrelenting thinking; a dogged fighter, hardworking, patient, forgiving, peace- seeking and above all, a vision driven leader who understands that leadership is more about the feelings and aspirations of his people.

In the matter of character, Hon. Paul Onosedeba Iyoha displays in his every day mien and actions, a man who is in perpetual enmity with pride, he is accessible and never in wrath. He represents the true 360 degrees leader who understands that elders are to be respected, contemporaries loved and the younger generation mentored and encouraged. An advocate for youth empowerment and youth participation in Governance who understands that youthfulness does not necessarily translate into success in discharging responsibilities.
He is an enemy of vice and in an intimate relationship with peace and love.

Hon Paul Iyoha is no fanatic and never fidgets over words; his yes of yesterday will certainly be yes tomorrow. He is a friend who understands the peculiarities of the indigent; that garri can be hard to get, that rice and stew can be true luxury, having experienced all he also knows that the indigent today can become the rich tomorrow hence he treats every man as a unique creature from God who alone knows the destinies of men.

Esan Central Local Government behold your Son and servant Leader Hon Paul Iyoha, the man blessed by God to take Esan Central LGA to greater heights.

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