Comrade Kingsley Ijebor of the Labour Party is a man I can wholeheartedly vouch for anytime any day – Elder Jude Ikhine.

Comrade Kingsley Ijebor of the Labour Party is a man I can wholeheartedly vouch for anytime any day – Elder Jude Ikhine.

….Comrade Kingsley Ijebor is tested, trusted, reliable – Magnus Adeba.

…. Me, my household, my network of influence will give our support to Comrade Kingsley Ijiebor – Edioma Samuel.

Ugbegun N’ Ebudin 11th July, 2023.

In the realm of Esan Central Local Government politics, the citizens have often found themselves at the short end of the stick when it comes to choosing leaders who can effectively govern and lead them as their Executive Chairman. However, the emergence of Comrade Kingsley Ijebor of the trailblazing new force, the Labour Party of Nigeria (LP), the mama papa and pickin party is the only political party platforms with the face of humanity that offers a glimmer of hope for a better future. With a track record of integrity, experience, and dedication to public service, Comrade Ijebor, the LP flagbearer stands as a beacon of trustworthiness in a sea of disappointments.

To truly appreciate the significance of Comrade Kingsley Ijebor’s candidacy, it is essential to recall the turbulent history of Esan Central’s leadership. In the past, where some may have shown glimpses of understanding governance, but their tenures were marked by controversy and ultimately cut short. The people of Esan Central suffered under the mismanagement and skewed priorities of past administrations, leaving the local government in disarray.

In stark contrast, Comrade Kingsley Ijebor has consistently demonstrated leadership qualities and a deep commitment to public service. His reliability and trustworthiness have been evident throughout his career, both as a private individual and as a community leader. Comrade Kingsley Ijebor has achieved an esteemed position within a community that represents the epitome of excellence, sanity and sound judgment. His ability to lead and earn the trust of such a discerning group speaks volumes about his character and capabilities.

Moreover, Kingsley Ijebor’s proven track record in various leadership roles further solidifies his suitability for the position of Local Government Council Chairman. He has displayed unwavering dedication, effectiveness, and a deep understanding of the intricacies of governance. His experience and insights garnered from these diverse roles equip him with the necessary skills to navigate the complex challenges facing Esan Central Local Government.

Under the leadership of Comrade Kingsley Ijebor and his running mate Comrade Rosemary Omenai, Esan Central Local Government can finally break free from the shackles of mismanagement and stagnation. His vision and competence inspire confidence that the local government will be placed on a path of economic growth and recovery. Comrade Kingsley Ijebor’s meticulous preparation, unmatched by any other candidate in the current political landscape, positions him as the best choice for Esan Central.

In light of these undeniable facts, it is imperative for the people of Esan Central Local Government to rally behind Comrade Kingsley Ijebor and his running mate Comrade Rosemary Akwese Omenai. The trust that he has earned throughout his career, combined with his unwavering commitment to the betterment of Esan Central Local Government, makes him the ideal candidate to lead the state towards a brighter and more prosperous future. By choosing Comrade Kingsley Ijebor, the citizens of Esan Central Local Government can finally put their faith in a leader who is truly tried, tested, and trusted.

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