Congratulations to all the candidates that have sofar been announced as winners and kudos to the political parties.

We are quite aware of the untold stories to the build up of the election, during the election and we hope that we can manage the post election situation.

One glaring thing is that lessons have been learnt and we expect all to put these lessons into action to serve the people.

For many persons who for various reasons refused to turnout to vote, they did not do well.

The victory the people got on 25th February, 2023 was reversed simply because you refused to come out to vote on 18th March 2023.

We must always realize that in this mission to rescue Nigeria and make our country better is not a one off affair but rather a sustained effort with continous engagement.

We must continue to experiment strategies, review plans and restrategize till we get it right. We must continue to engage in a No Retreat No Surrender approach. We must not allow our spirit to be dampened, we made a remarkable mark on 25th February and 18th March was supposed to be used to address the gaps observed. It was not a time to cry and not follow up, many went inside crying and sobbing which is what those we want to push out definitely want. All their plans were geared towards creating a high level of voter apathy. When less people come out to vote, manipulations and other forms of malpractice become easy.

We may not sit down and expect them to surrender, they will not because in their own right, they feel that their plans remain the best.

However, the Citizens have a role to play in pushing them to do the right thing. They also know Citizens weakness which is religion, tribal ethnic, regional etc sentiments; they introduce any of them when it suits them as the best strategy to divide the people.

The Citizens must start doing away with those sentiments as individuals or group to help heal our society.

Once again congratulations to all and to those that won, you knew what transpired, just try to do the thing going forward. To those who did not win, there are more days ahead and support the development of the people.

Dr. Bright Oniovokukor

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