ECLGA Election 2023: Progressive Youth endorses Kingsley Ijebor Of The Labour Party.

ECLGA Election 2023: Progressive Youth endorses Kingsley Ijebor Of The Labour Party.

A renowned socio-political group, Progressive Esan Central, led by the Indefatigable Amedu Ihonre Omozokpia yesterday endorsed the candidacy of Kingsley Ijebor.

Progressive Esan Central is proud to declare our unwavering support for Kingsley Ijebor as he emerges as a prominent figure in the upcoming Esan Central Local Government Council Chairmanship election on September 2nd, 2023. We liken his leadership potential to that of the biblical David, as he possesses the qualities necessary to guide Esan Central Local Government towards a brighter future.

We wholeheartedly endorse his administration’s theme ‘Let’s Change The Change’ which promises to deliver good governance to the people of Esan Central. We acknowledge that this is a time when various promises are made to sway the electorate’s favor. However, Comrade Kingsley Ijebor of the Labour Party stands apart from those who resort to empty rhetoric to deceive the people. We firmly believe in his sincere commitment to the well-being of Esan Central and his determination to alleviate the hardships faced by our citizens.

Kingsley Ijebor has pledged to prioritize good governance and spearhead the development of impactful policies and infrastructure throughout Esan Central Local Government. As advocates for good governance, the people of Esan Central will stand firmly behind him and his administration’s plans to foster progress and prosperity.

We are grateful to have a leader who is grounded in his Christian faith. Kingsley Ijebor’s upbringing as a devout Christian is evident in his selfless service to humanity, even in the face of adversity. As our incoming LG chairman, he will create an enabling environment that empowers businesses to thrive, thereby transforming lives and improving our infrastructure.

We implore everyone to give Comrade Kingsley Ijebor a chance to make a significant impact on our education system. His administration will prioritize the renovation of numerous classroom blocks across the local government and the recruitment of highly qualified teaching staff. Together, we can ensure the smooth reintegration of out-of-school children and provide them with a quality education.

Furthermore, Kingsley Ijebor’s administration will be steadfast in their commitment to improving healthcare in the LGA. We call upon all the people of Esan Central Local Government to join us in supporting Kingsley Ijebor as he assumes the role of the head of the Esan Central government. Together, we will elevate public service to new heights.

Let us not be deceived. We have full confidence that our resources will be secure in his capable hands. Progressive Esan Central stands united in our support for Kingsley Ijebor as we work together to usher in a new era of progress and prosperity for Esan Central Local Government

Amedu Ihonre Omozokpia
Coordinator Progressive Esan Central.
13th July, 2023.

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