Edo 2024: “I am the right man for the job —- Anselm Ojezua

Edo 2024: “I am the right man for the job —- Anselm Ojezua

A frontline politician of the PDP and former Commissioner of Edo State, Anselm U. Ojezua Esq, has formally joined the race for the Governorship of Edo State come 2024. In a declaration video released to the media, he said that he is offering himself to serve the state because he is the right man for the job. In his words, “I believe very sincerely that I am the right man for the job at this critical time in the annals of our collective history because of my knowledge and cognate experience in both governance and politics complete with the relevant skills required to get the job done”

He insisted that his aspiration is based on a set of core ideals which he believes are essential to celebrate the strength inherent in the homogeneity of Edo people, recognize the boundless creativity of Edo youth and provide the necessary support for the people.

Reflecting on our democratic journey since the return to civil rule in 1999, he said, “I have come to the firm conclusion that the recurrent problems confronting us and retarding our development is more political than mere issues of governance hence I believe that whoever must be entrusted with this sacred responsibility must be a very well grounded individual who is educated, possesses the relevant political skills and has the vision to sustain and possibly upscale the current efforts already being made to take this State to an updated, upgraded and technology driven level necessary to ensure a self-reliant and robust economy required to confront the very dire straits that we have been plunged into as a Nation and by implication a State”

In conclusion, he urged Edo people to unite with him to bring enhanced productivity and growth; stating, “I do not pretend to know it all; rather, as a deliberate policy, I intend to tap into the very vast and sophisticated human resource of our people at home and in diaspora to create the atmosphere for a productive economy within a reasonable time frame in a peaceful and harmonious environment”, he enthused.

Source: Anselm Ojezua Campaign Organization
Benin City

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