Edo Government Warns Against Acts of Violence, Terror

Edo Government Warns Against Acts of Violence, Terror

The Edo State Government has noticed the actions of specific individuals who are causing chaos, spreading fear among the people, and hindering efforts to maintain peace and order in the State.

According to a statement from the Secretary to the State Government, Osarodion Ogie Esq., the government has taken measures to suppress the violence and irresponsible behaviour. Several suspects have been arrested and detained.

The statement further said, “Government stress without equivocation that no matter the campaign of terror, resort to violence and an evil ploy to blackmail and tarnish the image of the government, the State will stop at nothing and spare no expense in fishing out any perpetrator of these criminal activities.

The State Government, therefore, advises parents and guardians to restrain their children and wards from engaging in actions that imperil the lives of others, which is intended to create a sense of insecurity in the State. No one will be spared, and we will ensure that the long arm of the Law catches up with anyone found culpable in these dastardly acts”.

The statement reassured the public that the government would continue to fulfil its duty of protecting the lives and property of citizens. Additionally, the government encouraged individuals to carry out their lawful activities peacefully.

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