Esan Central LGA People need a change of scene, We cannot continue in the old ways to get good result – Comrade Kingsley Ijiebor, Labour Party Esan Central LGA Chairmanship Candidate.

Esan Central LGA People need a change of scene, We cannot continue in the old ways to get good result – Comrade Kingsley Ijiebor, Labour Party Esan Central LGA Chairmanship Candidate.

Comrade Kingsley Ijiebor is the new force in Esan Central Politics. The Eguare Ewu born, Nekede Poly trained public administrator is fully loaded with workable new approaches to turn the development fortunes of Esan Central LGA around for good.

In this explosively EXCLUSIVE interview with Urban Scoop Media, the Labour Party Candidate talked tough on many reasons why Esan Central People should be tired of PDP and APC and chose a new part to get new results. Excerpt.

*Urbanscoopnews:* Tell us your name, place of origin and educational background.

*Comrade Kingsley Ijebor:* I am Comrade Kingsley Ijebor from Ewu Kingdom, Esan Central Local Government Area of Edo State.

I attended Idunwele Primary School between 1980-1986. I had my secondary education at the prestigious Ewu Grammar School where I graduated in 1995. I had OND in Business Administration from Abia State Polytechnic, Aba, Abia State in 1998 and HND in Marketing from Federal Polytechnic Nekede Owerri Imo state in 2000.

*Urbanscoopnews:* We learnt that you are currently vying for an elective position, can you tell us about this?

*Comrade Kingsley Ijebor:*
I am vying for the position of chairman in Esan Central LGA of Edo State. I am in this race because Esan Central LGA has been lacking behind when it comes to leadership and administration, we don’t have proper health care system in the local government. In some government secondary schools, you find out the students are learning in uncondusive environment, they don’t have chairs to seat on, some don’t even have enough teachers to teach them. When we, the Labour Party team moved round the villages, we discovered that some of our people could not even afford pain relief. This prompted us to start carrying out free medical outreaches in the villages. We have been to Ugbegun Community, Irrua market etc., and our people were very happy with our medical humanitarian effort.

*Urbanscoopnews:* Tell us about your political party?

*Comrade Kingsley Ijebor:* Labour Party (LP) as it stands now is the only party in the country that is ready to change the narratives. the party is full of young vibrant, energetic and well grounded Nigerians that are ready to make the country a more governable and productive nation for everybody. No wonder it is nicked named “PAPA, MAMA, PICKIN.”

*Urbanscoopnews:* Who is Mr Kingsley Ijebor? What are your unique selling points?

*Comrade Kingsley Ijebor:* Comrade Kingsley Ijebor is a young vibrant, humble leader that is ready any time any day to listen and to serve his people. He is tested and trusted in leadership management. He has undergone so many workshops training in customer relations and leadership management in some reputable consulting firms like Tom Associates and Co. Kingsley Ijiebor is the people’s choice.

*Urbanscoopnews:* How much of Esan Central LGA do you know?

*Comrade Kingsley Ijebor:* Esan Central Local Government is made up of different villages that speak the same language. The local government is very large and made up of four great kingdoms; Irrua, Ewu, Opoji and Ugbegun.

Politically, we have ten (10) wards and my team and I have visited the 10 wards. Esan Central people are second to none when it comes to hospitality. We are industrious. The youths are vibrant and hard working.

*Urbanscoopnews:* How confident are you that the Labour Party is the platform to actualize your dream?

*Comrade Kingsley Ijebor:* I am very confident that Labour Party is the platform to actualize my dream. It is a party that accommodates and ready to change the narrative. You can as well see that our people are tired of PDP and APC. We have the support of our people in Esan Central Local Government.

*Urbanscoopnews:* Coming down to Ewu your immediate community. Say something about the apportioning of political office and appointment to the constituents of Esan Central LGA, are you satisfied that Ewu is given it’s fare share.

*Comrade Kingsley Ijebor:* Hummmm, thanks for this question. I will say that the government have not been fare to Ewu in terms of apportioning of political office or appointment. Only recently the people of Ewu are begining to gain relevance in the world of politics in Esan Central.

*Urbanscoopnews:* In terms of money bag politics, how prepared are you?

*Comrade Kingsley Ijebor:* Well, I am fully ready.

*Urbanscoopnews:* What do you plan to do differently when you emerge?

Comrade Kingsley Ijebor: Thank you urbanscoopnews for this question. The sad reality above is a thing of serious concerns that requires deep and sober reflections. Despite both federal and state governments presence in the local government through institutions and other establishments, the reality still remains that Esan Central Local Government is one of the underdeveloped local governments in Edo state.

To solve the sad reality above about the local government, a different approach must be employed and that is exactly what I intend to do. Haven had quality time to look and think deep about the local government, I intend to employ an entirely different approach that will see Esan Central Local Government become an enviable local government in Edo state and Nigeria by extension

I have carefully brought out five policy thrust through which my different approach shall be imbedded in.

Base on research, one of the main reasons why Esan Central Local Government remains underdeveloped is because of the fear of safety of businesses and properties. For any meaningful development to take place, there must be a level playing ground for smooth operation. This cannot be achieved without peace and security. Therefore, providing peace and security will be my topmost priority to give hope and assurance to those willing to do businesses in the local government.

As stated, There is no gain saying that peace and security is the most potent fulcrum of development of every society. Without peace, it impliedly means that development will be stunted or completely absent.

It is my desire that the peaceful nature for which Esan Central Local Government Area is known for, will be maintained if not improved upon.
In my quest to ensure such ideal is continuously made manifest in the lives of our people, major stakeholders in the peace building process will be fully engaged in ensuring that we (as a people) remain the ever hospitable local government area we are known for. Our traditional rulers at various levels will be accorded their traditional roles in the process. I will ensure that periodic meetings with this highly respected Cadre of the society is given utmost priority.

Again, the security agencies (The Military, The police, Civil Defence, Immigration as well as our local Vigilante group etc) will always be kept in touch in order to ensure they remain proactive rather than reactive on issues that concern the lives and property of our dear people.

These and many more shall be marshaled out in our plans aimed at securing the good people of Esan Central Local Government Area as a whole.

The economy of every society stands out as the major determinant of development of such a society. That is exactly why it is always Said that “when the economy of a society is negatively affected, every sector of the society sinks”.
It is for this reason that, when given the opportunity to serve the good people of Esan Central Local Government Area, I shall, without mincing words, swing into action in the aspect of revamping the economic activities of the area to ensure they are made more viable.
This, I shall, in collaboration with my Council Members, do through the building and expansion of market stalls in our major and local markets, making sure that important farm inputs (such as fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides, herbicides etc) are made available and affordable to our farmers in the rural areas and also smoothening the transport mechanism in the local government etc. We all know that putting into place these measures will help boost productivity and such will translate into a positive multiplier effect through a more revamped revenue base that will be Channeled into the development of our dear Local Government Area.
Esan Local Government Area is known for its agrarian nature (tomato, rice maize, etc cultivation) and so will not be left behind in such productivity.
As a business minded person, I shall ensure that business opportunities are provided for our people such that they will be meaningfully engaged. I shall use my business acumen to attract investors from within and outside the local government, state and country to increase our revenue base and provide job opportunities for our people.


The level of education of a society determines its development, hence no society can develop beyond its education level. Esan Central Local Government Area is well situated and known as the bastion of education in not just Edo State. This cannot be contested as the facts are conspicuously seen.
This is no doubt as a result of the sheer determination of our people in ensuring that resources are intently deployed into the development of our children right from the kindergarten through the highest citadel of learning.

It is as a result of this, that when the opportunity abounds for me to serve, I will ensure that education is given a major priority in my administration. The Primary Education which is under the Local Government Area will be given serious attention by my administration through structural re-engineering of the various primary schools we have within the Local Government Area.
Capacity building for our teachers will always be planned for them to increase their intellectual prowess in handling and imparting the requisite knowledge in our children.
Teachers, who remain the most important ingredient in the education sector, will be treated as First Class citizens. This, we shall do by ensuring that their salaries and other fringe benefits are accorded them at the right time.

“Build the Youths, build the Nation”
Again, “when you empower a man, you have succeeded in empowering an individual, but when you empower a woman, you empower a whole nation”
These two quotes are quite in line with our policy. The youths and women form the bulk of the active population of every given society in Nigeria and especially in Esan Central Local Government Area.
For this reason, our administration will not treat their demands with kid gloves. Priority will be given to these category since they remain the engine room of every productivity within the Area. It is said that an idle mind is the devil’s workshop. Therefore, We shall do everything within the available resources to ensure that the youths and the women are fully engaged so that they will be productive in their homes, businesses and so on.

This will take their minds off any evil activity and that again will propel development in our society. Women/Youths shall be meaningfully engaged and we shall do that by harnessing their God-given potentials. We shall do these by encouraging grassroot sports and encouraging people with different kind of talents. Women/youths with disabilities shall equally be given attention with the aim of bettering their lives.

Every worker deserves his/her wages. This is scriptural!
Workers are the administrative engine room of every government.
It is therefore incumbent on us as a council to always take the welfare of our workers very seriously. Infact, if there is any area that should be neglected, The Civil Service (Workers) must be the last to be neglected in our administration.
We shall continue to make available the salaries of our workers a topmost priority and I assure you that workers under my watch will always receive their salaries as and when due.

The above POLICY THRUST shall form a foundation on which our administration will be built. With the support of my council members, stakeholders and all, we assure you of our unfettered delivery when given the opportunity by you.

I look forward to receiving your overwhelming support to enable us succeed in our quest to better the loads of our people by entirely changing the face of Esan Central LGC.

*Urbanscoopnews:* Tell Esan Central people why they should support you.

*Comrade Kingsley Ijebor:* My people please vote for accountability, good governance, development and above all I don’t have a god father so I am ready to serve.

*Urbanscoopnews:* Your advice to the youths on how to chose in the forthcoming LGA election.

*Comrade Kingsley Ijebor:* Youths of Esan Central Local Government Area of Edo State, I want you to vote competence, good leadership, accountability, development. Let’s not make mistake of another three years of retrogressive government.

I know you are wiser now. God bless you all

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