Ewu Flour Mills: the labour of our heroes past not in vain.

Ewu Flour Mills: the labour of our heroes past not in vain.

….as management consolidate efforts on machine overhauling, paper works to commence production soon.

…hopes, emotions, nostalgia mount as Ewu people look forward to better days ahead.

Ewu 18th March, 2023.

The industrial masterpiece proposed by the visionary Prof Ambrose Alli and perfected under IBB is going through final stages of rehabilitation and overhauling in readiness for Mass production after closing down for over one decade.

The labour of our heroes past is not in vain in Ewu Flour Mills now Prime Feed and Flour Mills LTD under the ownership of a son of the soil led conglomerate.

It is interesting to note that in the glorious days of the world class factory, Ewu Flour Mills placed Esan and Ewu in world economic and transport map. The Northerners call Ewu Gidan Flour (the home of flour) as the German machines rolled out quality products transported to various depots across Nigeria from Lagos to Ibadan, Kano Akure, Enugu, Aba, Sokoto and across the borders of Nigeria.

Ewu Flour Mills provided massive employment to hundreths of skilled and unskilled workers drawn from across the world including European expertriates who lived in Ewu. It was like having a small Europe in Ewu.

The economic success of the great Ewu Flour Mill promoted the Ancient Kingdom to a status of highly sought tourist location. The skyscraper buildings of the world class German machines attracted tourist interest around the region and beyond.

In the 1990s, Ewu was like Lagos to many neighbouring and far communities because of the massive employment opportunities that abounds in the town.

But just as the saying goes that good things do not last forever, the company gradually and slowly got weak under unfaithful management. It was finally closed down for many years and later acquired by a son of Ewu, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and rechristened the Prime Feed and Flour Mill.

Even at that, production did not commence as the company remained under lock.

But glory be to God forsaken the appointment of Pastor Henry Aimenkhena, another illustrious son of Ewu, as Managing Director. Aimenkhena, a serial investor and passionate enterpreneur, put a result oriented team together and faced the challenges of overhauling the abandoned factory to full capacity. Within few months, life returned back to the mill.

Ewu Flour Mills now has a new face. As the management put finishing touches to the factors for a hitch free production, the Urban Scoop Media pray for God’s guidance on the staff, management, and investor of Prime Feed and Flour Mill and Grant the production team the capacity to produce standard products for Nigerian Market.

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