Exclusive: Edo LGA ward liason officers yet to be inaugurated after 3 months of appointment.

Exclusive: Edo LGA ward liason officers yet to be inaugurated after 3 months of appointment.

…… as Caretaker Chairmen run one man government.

Benin City, 28th April 2023.

Wonders shall never ever end especially in Edo State. It beats the imagination of a sane person to comprehend the possibility of local government without grassroot representation.

Even under military, there were some form of grassroot representation even to the ward level.

It is the first time that the local government that suppose to be a grassroot government is now run by the state government as a parastatal of the state government.

For heaven’s sake, constitutionally, the local government is a government of its own and a constituent part of the federation. It’s allocation come directly from the federation account in Abuja not from the state.

The local government is suppose to function independently and not as an extension of the state government.

Even at that, and now that the state has some control over local government affairs since Nigerians like to sleep on their rights and the need arises for appointment of a Caretaker in the meantime, all the constituents wards are supposed to be represented in the composition of government to the ward level because it’s their government. It’s not a ministry, or board of the state government, it’s Local government and for the grassroot people.

But in Edo state, the state government appointed caretakers three months ago only to inaugurate the Chairmen and refuse to inaugurate the corresponding councillors to represent the grassroot who actually owns the government.

The Chairmen now run a one man show of a whole constitutionally created local government.

Obaseki need to remedy this right without delay. It’s his duty to ensure fairness to the grassroot people where the majority resides.

To this end, Urban Scoop Media shall be running exclusive editorials to draw the governor’s attention to this core issue. The earlier it’s remedied the better for democracy.

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