Exclusive Interview with Hon Paul Onosedeba Iyoha, PDP Chairmanship Candidate, Esan Central LGA.

Exclusive Interview with Hon Paul Onosedeba Iyoha, PDP Chairmanship Candidate, Esan Central LGA.

….. I remain your humble servant, vote for me and I will serve you beyond your expectations – Hon Iyoha.

Ujabhole Irrua 8th July, 2023.

Hon Paul Onosedeba Iyoha is a humble Esan son. He was born, bred, schooled and still live with his people. Despite all odds and hurdles, Hon Iyoha emerged the as the candidate of his party PDP in the keenly contested primary elections.

As the council election draws closer, Hon Iyoha in this interview with Urban Scoop Media took a voyage round his background, education, emergence and what he plan to do differently from those before him. Excerpt:

Urbanscoopnews: Please tell us your name, educational background and origin.

Paul Onosedeba Iyoha: I am Hon. Paul Onosedeba Iyoha, I attended Ujabhole Primary School where I had my primary leaving certificate I then proceeded to Ujabhole Grammar School where I got my senior school certificate. After my SSCE, I waited a little to help myself because I was not having sponsors. After sometimes, I proceeded to OUR SAVIOUR INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE, AGRICULTURE AND TECHNOLOGY (OSISATECH). Where I got my National Diploma and I proceeded to TANSIAN UNIVERSITY where I got my BSC in ACCOUNTING.

Urbanscoopnews: We must congratulate you for emerging as the Chairmanship candidate in the keenly contested PDP primaries, please tell us how you manage to scale through despite the hurdles?

Paul Onosedeba Iyoha: Like you said there was a lot of hurdles but one thing is sure He that obtained favour from God shall as well get favour from men. I acknowledge this facts and I tag my campaign (GRACE IS THE ANSWER)

Urbanscoopnews: How prepared are you to face the challenges ahead?

Paul Onosedeba Iyoha: Well, what happened to a man they say is equal to a man, there’s one thing about God if He send his child an errand He provide everything needed to carryout the duty therefore I will boldly say I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Urbanscoopnews: Tell us about PDP and it’s many factions, don’t you think, they need a united house to get results in the forthcoming elections.

Paul Onosedeba Iyoha: Oh yes United will stand while divided will fall there’s every need for us to unite we don’t have any other party we call our own except PDP and His Excellency, Governor Godwin Obaseki is so concerned about the unity of the party

Urbanscoopnews: What are the modalities you are putting in place to carry your co-contestants along in the forthcoming government?

Paul Onosedeba Iyoha: Like I said earlier, grace found me but that doesn’t mean others have nothing to offer trust me is going to be a team work.

Urbanscoopnews: Tell us about your primary Constituency, how have you impacted in their lives

Paul Onosedeba Iyoha: As a counsellor: re- electrification of Ukpato community.
Installation of transformer that serve ujabhole and part of Onogbo community
Supply of white board to Ujabhole Grammar School. School materials and payment of school fees for the less privilege, Clearing of school fields in my constituency with Lawn Mower to stop child labor.

Urbanscoopnews: How much of Esan Central do you know. Tell us about the entire Esan Central, its people, culture and challenges?

Paul Onosedeba Iyoha: I was born in the village, schooled In the village and still living in the village so I know my local government very well. Though time may not permit me to talk much about it but Traditionally Esan Central is made up of four kingdoms, politically ten Ward’s
Irrua kingdom the seat of OKAIJESAN OF ESAN LAND and the administrative headquarters of the local government.
Eilu kingdom also known as Ewu people.
Opoji kingdom and
Ugbegun kingdom
We are rich in culture and traditions. Our way of marriage, dancing steps etc.

Urbanscoopnews: What do you plan to do differently when you emerge?

Paul Onosedeba Iyoha: Yes we are ready to change the narrative because we have seen enough of public Masters and leaders and you know who a public master is , they make themselves comfortable even at the detriment of their people when they are okay they think all is well but I present myself as a public servant, a servant will do everything possible to make his master happy and the good people of Esan Central are my masters why am the humble servant

Urbanscoopnews: Who is Mr Iyoha? What are your unique selling points?

Paul Onosedeba Iyoha: Am humble, truthful, happily married and I derived joy when other people are happy.

Urbanscoopnews: Tell us what Esan Central Youths should expect from you when you emerge?

Paul Onosedeba Iyoha: They should expect a lot but, I will
mention little of it here;
Youth empowerment, Good Governance etc

Urbanscoopnews: Say something to Esan Central people generally on why they should support you.

Paul Onosedeba Iyoha: My good people of Esan Central please support and vote your son, brother. and friend for chairman come September 2nd 2023 to bring positive change in our educational sector, agricultural sector and our primary health care center.

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