EYO Worries Over 10 Years of total blackout in Ewohimi, Ewatto, other parts of Esan South East LGA.

EYO Worries Over 10 Years of total blackout in Ewohimi, Ewatto, other parts of Esan South East LGA.

…Declares SOS on #Restore Light to Ewohimi and Neighbours

….Call on Political Leaders, Representatives, Edo State Govt, Community Leaders to act fast.

Ewohimi 7th Sept 2023

A foremost nonpartisan community development organization in Esan land, the Esan Youths Organization (EYO) has declared it’s worriness over the one decade old blackout in Ewohimi, Ewatto and some communities in Esan South East LGA of Edo State.

Following the complaint by a native of one of the affected community on EYO official platform, the pro Esan organization said it’s worried over the decade old blackout.

Recalling the worrisome development, the EYO President, Comrade KINGSLEY Ohens said he remembered that the same issue came up some years ago and the attention of the member of EDHA representing the affected constituency was drawn to the light matter and preliminary solutions were proffered It’s a thing of concern that the issue still lingers after many years.

“We shall swing into action again by consulting with stakeholders in the communities and interface with government functioners and the BEDC for a lasting solution” he told Urban Scoop Media.

While suing for calm, the EYO President also called on community leaders to organize themselves to support EYO in the campaign for the restoration of light to their communities.

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Dr Ralph Inyinbor
Dr Ralph Inyinbor
2 months ago

Thank you very much Mr president, I think it will be nice to list the communities in Esan that are directly affected and also list the government agencies that should be aware above all list the government officials that have the power to represent each of the community like the chairman local government, the state assembly, the house of representatives member and the Senate members representing .
Please note it will also be of importance to calculate the financial looses for the communities and the financial gain by the EDEC without rendering the services .
Service paid for and not enjoy is a great lose .
The world is now a global village our people need enjoy the global impacts . Am Dr Ralph Inyinbor , Ubiaja Edo state

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