“Give up, you’re trapped in the web of your confusing lies” – APC Chieftain jabs Obidients

“Give up, you’re trapped in the web of your confusing lies” – APC Chieftain jabs Obidients

A Chieftain of the APC, Prince John Mayaki, has urged Obi’s supporters to quit their attempt to turn the public against the President-Elect, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, through a disinformation campaign involving the deliberate spread of falsehood, particularly about his health status.

Mayaki offered the advice in a Friday statement claiming that the ‘Obidients’ had become ‘trapped in the web of their confusing lies’.

He said, “The Obidients are the butt of jokes in town as they are now obviously haunted by the inconsistency of their lies and slanderous propaganda about our President-Elect, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, and his health status.”

“The same people who claimed that he was flown abroad to receive emergency medical care also came out with another claim that he went overseas to meet the Chief Justice of Nigeria, who was seen in his office in Abuja on the same day.”

“They also said the President-Elect was no longer conscious before reversing themselves, claiming instead that he flew to France to avoid being served Obi’s comical petition which, amongst other jejune prayers, asked the court to exclude the winner from a fresh race.”

“The funny contradictions should have shown these sore losers that their disinformation campaign has run its course and is no longer effective. Otherwise, how do you claim a man is sick on day one, only to reverse yourself on day two that he is scheming and holding meetings?”

“Nigerians saw through the lies in the election primarily because it didn’t reconcile with reality. Obidients shouted that Tinubu was sick, but Nigerians saw him travelling the country with swagger, putting in more work even than the younger and supposedly healthier candidates.”

Mayaki admonished the “baby politicians” to learn from their errors during the campaign that divisiveness, lies, and propaganda are insufficient to deliver victory.

According to him, the same failed tactics will not give them success in their new role as the opposition party provided “the circumstantial movement does not fizzle out like others before it.”

He said, “If Obidients want to last the four-year race as the opposition beginning on May 29 when Tinubu will be sworn in as President, then they must rethink their tactics and approach. You cannot lie with reckless abandon and expect Nigerians to take you seriously. The likely outcome, unless changes are made, is that these characters will lose their credibility and will merely be used as comic relief on social media.”

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