Governor Umo Eno Commends Minister Momoh for Project Inspections

Governor Umo Eno Commends Minister Momoh for Project Inspections

Akwa-Ibom State Governor, Pastor Umo Eno, has lauded the Minister of Niger Delta Development for conducting project inspections in the region, noting that he cannot recall when any Minister of the ministry last inspected projects.

The Governor, while advocating for regular meetings between the minister and state governors in the region, emphasized that such meetings would clarify roles, prevent project duplication, and promote collaboration.

He acknowledged the longstanding efforts of the ministry and the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) and expressed a shared commitment to the region’s progress, particularly in areas such as security, agriculture, education, and youth empowerment.

Governor Umo Eno expressed gratitude to President Bola Tinubu for appointing a minister from the Niger Delta and underscored the significance of the East West Road project as a vital link for the region’s development. He viewed the visit as the beginning of a new era of collaboration and welcomed future joint projects aimed at expediting development and reducing travel distances for all stakeholders.

He also congratulated the minister on his appointment and thanked him for choosing Akwa Ibom as a destination. The Governor appreciated the visit, highlighting that he couldn’t recall any minister who had undertaken such an initiative. He praised the inclusivity of President Tinubu’s administration, emphasizing the importance of working across party lines and considering themselves as partners.

Governor Umo Eno highlighted the state’s substantial investments in the Niger Delta, despite being one of the largest oil producers, and stressed the need for matching federal government support. He acknowledged the environmental degradation in the region and aligned with the minister’s approach.

Earlier, Minister Momoh stated the importance of his visit to the state and the region to gather firsthand information before embarking on policy implementation. He specifically addressed two critical issues: security and infrastructure. The minister pointed out the dire situation in places like Eleme and Ahoda, lamenting the lack of access roads in the Niger Delta, which serves as the economic backbone of the country.

He stated, “I am here to meet with Your Excellency because I know that governors have a strong voice. President Obasanjo inaugurated the East West Road project in 2006, and as of now, it remains unfinished. We have over 36,000 roads across the country, and I appeal to the governors of the region, traditional rulers, and other stakeholders to unite in demanding the transfer of the road back to the Ministry of Niger Delta. With the renewed Hope agenda of the president, we can get it done.”

The minister also expressed his intention to forge partnerships and invited the governors to collaborate with his ministry in bringing much-needed infrastructure to the region. He emphasized that the president’s eight-point agenda would guide their efforts and shared his positive reception in Bayelsa, finding this visit even more encouraging. He reiterated his readiness to work with the governors of other states to achieve development goals.

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