A sociocultural group, Ahu Esan, has described the independence message credited to the Edo State APC chairman, Col. David Imuse, as an embarrassment. The group noted that instead of the APC chairman to reel out the achievements of the APC administration at the Federal level for the past 8 years and giving the people hope as his PDP counterpart, Dr. Tony Aziegbemi did, he went about campaigning for his governorship ambition with unverifiable statistics and attacks on the Obaseki led state government.

In a statement issued in its headquarters in Uromi on Monday by the chairman, Chief Ebhodaghe Ehilomen, it noted that;
“The so called Independence day message credited to the Edo State Chairman of The APC, Col. David Imuse, was to say the least, an embarrassment to the people of Edo State. What we expected from him was to have given hope to Edo people by reeling out the positive achievements of the APC led government at the Federal level for the past 8 years, if any.

“He was supposed to tell us why the naira the APC met at #160 to a dollar is now over #1000 to a dollar. Why a bag of rice is now #50,000 from #8,500. Why killer herdsmen have taken over our farms and highways unchecked and why Federal roads have become death traps. What is the APC administration doing to ameliorate the hardships brought about by the removal of fuel subsidy without any pre plan? These are the issues Edolites are interested in hearing from him. Is the APC trying to come and replicate the above misdeeds in Edo State come 2024?

“Earlier we read the message of hope the State Chairman of the PDP, Dr Tony Aziegbemi issued in his independence message to the people of Edo State. The chairman stated clearly the tangible positive steps the Edo State Government under Governor Godwin Obaseki has taken to make lives more meaningful for the people. This is what is expected from any responsible party or administration now.

“Unfortunately, Imuse has seized every opportunity to advance his immoral governorship ambition at the detriment of the welfare and sensitivity of the people. He has been engaging in smear campaigns of divisiveness laced with lies against the Edo State Government while he conveniently tries to divert the attention of Edo people from the backwardness the APC has taken the nation that has made it difficult for the states and local governments to breathe.

“On September 21, 2024, Edo people will be faced with the choices of going back to Eqypt or consolidating on the gains of the present administration. We believe that this will not be a difficult choice to make”

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