Hon Paul Onosedeba Iyoha: A Quintessential 21st Century Politician and Leader for Esan Central

Hon Paul Onosedeba Iyoha: A Quintessential 21st Century Politician and Leader for Esan Central

Hon Paul Onosedeba Iyoha embodies the qualities of a quintessential 21st-century politician and leader, equipped with that rare vision and determination to propel Esan Central Local Government forward. With his election on the horizon, set for 2nd September 2023, Hon Paul Onosedeba Iyoha has unveiled a comprehensive development plan that focuses on key sectors of the local government’s economy.

Firstly, Hon Paul Onosedeba Iyoha recognizes the urgent need for an emergency in the education sector, knowing fully well that the state governor Mr. Godwin Nogheghase Obaseki is bringing back the glory of education at all levels. He understands that a well-educated population is the cornerstone of societal progress. To support the state government fight in revamping our educational system, Hon. Paul Onosedeba Iyoha’s administration will prioritize investments in educational infrastructure, teacher training programs, and curriculum enhancements. By providing accessible and quality education, Hon Paul Onosedeba Iyoha aims to empower the youth of Esan Central with the knowledge and requisite skill-set necessary to excel in the global arena. He has a plan to support the governor of Edo State to take back Esan Central to the Zenith of Educational glory and this can only be achieved by embibing all best practices in education ;Teacher to student ratio, school to population ratio, library to student ratio and other indices.

Recognizing the crucial role of agriculture in driving economic growth and eradicating poverty, Hon Paul Onosedeba Iyoha proposes a revolution in the agricultural sector that will be championed by potential Agro base plan in line with the state government plans to revamp agriculture and Sustainability. His plan centres on modernizing farming techniques, creating Agro and food processing hubs in some wards of the LGA, improving access to capital and technology, and fostering collaboration between farmers and agri-businesses. By harnessing the potential of agriculture.

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