Josemaria Escriva Foundation marks World Malaria Day with a medical outreaches in Esan West, LGA

Josemaria Escriva Foundation marks World Malaria Day with a medical outreaches in Esan West, LGA

Each year, it is estimated that about 300,000 Nigerians die of malaria related illnesses with urgent action required to address its prevalence. Globally, World Malaria Day, which takes place on 25 April each year, is an internationally recognized day, highlighting the global efforts to control malaria and celebrate the gains that have been made.

In Edo State, Josemaria Escriva Foundation, one of Nigeria’s foremost leading non governmental organisation has been at the forefront of the campaign to reduce the burden of malaria through the introduction of several life-saving interventions in collaboration with the Medical Students Association AAU (AAUMSA) Ekpoma, Medical Wommen Association and Indomitable Youths Organisation marks 2023 World Malaria Day.

This year 2023, the World Malaria Day theme is “ Time to deliver zero malaria: invest, innovate, implement”. The fight against malaria still needs critical attention. This day aims to implement the currently available tools and strategies to reach and deliver lifesaving tools to those at highest risk and the time to scale up national malaria programmes is now.

In an address at the event, , Аisha Maya, Liaison Officer for Standing Committee on Public Health (SCOPH, AAUMSA) said that this year’s event was very unique as she believes that governments at all levels should invest in insuring that the prevalence of malaria is brought to zero level. She also admonished people to ensure that their environments were free of things that can attract mosquitoes and also, observe if they have symptoms of malaria which is most often manifested with high temperatures.

Commenting on the campaign, Obasanmi Jude Ph.D, Chief Responsibility Officer, Josemaria Escriva Foundation said, “We in Josemaria Escriva Foundation with our partners and collaborators remain fully committed to the fight against malaria and together, we can invest, innovate and implement for a ZeroMalariaWorld.”
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Other partners at the outreach included Dr. Esther Ohis Oubiagbe, Liaison Officer, Medical Women Association of Nigeria, Irrua Specilist Teaching Hospital, Irrua amongst others.

Other executive members of the AAUMSA at the event were Owagbile Akintayo, FIN. SEC. FOR SCOPH, AAUMSA, Miss Sey Stephanie Maami-Esi, Mr. Abiodun Ayomide Liaison Officer for Non Infectious and Non Communiczble diseases AAUMSA.

The event had a road show round major streets in the LGA, free malaria test, drug administration and distribution of mosquitoes nets to pregnant women and nursing mothers.

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