Minister Momoh Seeks Delta State Governor’s Collaboration

Minister Momoh Seeks Delta State Governor’s Collaboration

……as Governor Allocates N78B on Federal Roads

The Federal Government and Delta State have entered into collaborative efforts, with the state government announcing an allocation of N78 billion to improve and maintain various federal roads within the state.

Governor Rt. Hon. (Chief) Sheriff Oborevwori made this announcement during a meeting with the Honourable Minister of Niger Delta Development, Hon. Engr. Abubakar Momoh, at his office in Asaba, Delta State.

In his address to the Minister, the Governor stated, “The Executive Council has approved over N78 billion for federal road projects, and we are interested in collaborating on this, irrespective of political party affiliations.

“I want to welcome and congratulate you on your appointment. I have received the Minister of Works, who also inspected the Benin to Warri and East-West roads. I’m set to receive the Minister for Sports to discuss youth sports matters.

“I trust that appointing someone from this region to the Ministry of Niger Delta Development will bring about positive changes. You’ve witnessed the challenges firsthand. This region contributes significantly to the country’s resources but often receives very little in return. This is your opportunity, and I urge you to do what is right. Shortcuts often lead to road failures, and those who engage in such practices are often from this region.

“Having served in the National Assembly and now transitioning to this role as Minister, I trust that you’re well aware of the challenges. Our communities are suffering from erosion, and the existence of the NDDC and the Ministry is to focus on the Niger Delta. You have the opportunity to prove your worth, Mr. Minister,” the Governor emphasized.

Earlier, the Minister expressed his gratitude for the audience granted to him on a Saturday at Government House. He stated, “If individuals like us, who have been with the PDP since its inception in 1998, can easily transition to the other side, I have no doubt that you may consider joining us in the APC.

“I extend warm greetings from President Bola Tinubu and would like to clarify that our purpose in being here is to inspect some of the projects initiated by the Ministry and the NDDC.

“The message is quite clear and singular: we believe in the need to collaborate closely with the state governors to ensure peace and foster development. The governor is the primary stakeholder in the state, and, having been in government for a significant period, you understand the issues and the intricacies of achieving peace.”

The Minister also explained President Bola Tinubu’s presidential priorities, such as food security, poverty reduction, access to capital, economic growth, job creation, inclusivity, fairness, rule of law, and the fight against corruption. He emphasized the importance of achieving these goals for the betterment of Nigeria and assured that the Ministry is fully committed to pursuing these priorities to achieve the desired development.

He further noted that certain roads, such as Warri to Benin, Auchi to Ekpoma and Benin, and Calabar to Uyo, are in an unacceptable condition. Addressing these road issues requires collaborative efforts between the governors, the Ministry, and the NDDC through tripartite agreements.

“Mr. President’s focus is on results, and we are determined to do whatever it takes to achieve these results. I trust that this partnership would enhance the quality of transportation infrastructure and foster regional development,” concluded the Minister.

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