Nigeria @ 63: Hon. Dr. Joseph Ikpea Calls for Unity, Progress

Nigeria @ 63: Hon. Dr. Joseph Ikpea Calls for Unity, Progress

On this significant occasion of Nigeria’s 63rd Independence Day, Hon. Dr. Joseph Ikpea, a distinguished member of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and a leading aspirant for the Edo 2024 gubernatorial elections, extends a heartfelt message to his fellow Nigerians. He encourages all citizens to take a moment to contemplate our nation’s achievements and its boundless potential.

Acknowledging the current economic and social challenges, Hon. Ikpea appeals to Nigerians to stand unwavering in their commitment to support the government’s endeavors in surmounting these obstacles. Together, he believes we can shape a prosperous future for all.

Hon. Ikpea provides assurance that the present economic downturn is but a temporary setback. He underscores the government’s dedication to hasten Nigeria’s economic revival, emphasizing a steadfast focus on creating an inclusive and diversified economy that benefits every Nigerian.

As Nigeria marks its independence, the gubernatorial aspirant urges citizens to rekindle the true essence of freedom—a collective endeavor to advance the nation and enhance the quality of life for its people. He emphasizes the significance of patriotism and collaborative efforts in building a prosperous, just, inclusive, and equitable Nigeria for all.

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