One Litre for One Litre: Commissioner for Mining & Energy Cautions Fuel & Gas Stations

One Litre for One Litre: Commissioner for Mining & Energy Cautions Fuel & Gas Stations

The Honourable Commissioner for Mining and Energy, Amb Ojeifoh Enaholo, issued a firm caution to fuel and gas stations during a meeting with leaders of the Edo State chapter of the Oil and Gas Host Community (HOSTCOM). The commissioner, while appreciating the goodwill of HOSTCOM, urged them to collaborate with the government in identifying any fuel and gas stations involved in meter alteration. He emphasized the government’s determination to eradicate such illegal activities from the oil and gas sector operating within their communities.

Amb Enaholo expressed his concern regarding the manipulative actions of a select few that burden the Edo people with exorbitant fuel costs. He asserted that the government would ensure the implementation of the “one litre for one litre” policy, meaning that consumers should only pay for the exact amount of fuel they receive. The commissioner emphasized that it is unacceptable for individuals to pay for a litre of fuel but end up receiving less. He firmly stated that “enough is enough, else the full weight of the law will be enforced”, underscoring the government’s commitment to rectifying this issue.

During the meeting, Comr. Andrew Nosa, Chairman of the group, extended his congratulations to the commissioner on his appointment. Nosa highlighted that Amb Enaholo’s recent interview on ITV showcased his competence and suitability for the role. He further expressed the group’s wholehearted willingness to support Governor Godwin Obaseki’s administration in achieving its objective of revitalizing and developing Edo State.

In conclusion, Amb Enaholo conveyed his heartfelt gratitude to HOSTCOM for their intention to collaborate with the government in realizing Governor Obaseki’s MEGA agenda. He assured them that their cooperation would not be underestimated. He requested HOSTCOM to communicate the government’s 14-day ultimatum to owners of illegal refineries, notifying them that the countdown to ceasing their operations had already begun.

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