“Outsiders, Leave Ewu Alone – SME is our Leader!” – APC Ward 8, Esan Central Declares

“Outsiders, Leave Ewu Alone – SME is our Leader!” – APC Ward 8, Esan Central Declares

The Exco of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Esan Central Local Government Area, Ward 8, on Sunday, February the 10th, passed a Vote of Implicit Confidence in the Leadership of former House of Assembly aspirant from the Ward, Saintmoses Eromosele, as their Foremost Leader.

According to the Secretary of the Party in the Ward, “We are rejecting pressures from outside our Ward to remove our Foremost Leader for daring to take independent stand in supporting a certain gubernatorial aspirant of party in the 2024 Election. We will decide our own destiny, no outsider can dictate for us”.

The vote of confidence was signed by 21 of the 27 Members of the Exco, including the Vice Chairman, Secretary, Woman Leader, Assistant Woman Leader, Financial Secretary, Youth Leader, Assitant Youth Leader, Auditor, Welfare, etc. The Chairman who didn’t sign the Vote of Confidence was placed on suspension for breaching multiple sections of party Constitution and misappropriation of party funds.

“Saintmoses utilises our Ward’s resources transparently, effectively and selflessly. He has been leading the Ward well and we want him to continue to be our Leader.” reads part of the Vote of Confidence.

Saintmoses Eromosele who is also known as SME is a rights activist, prolific author and businessman based in Ewu and Benin City. His NGO, Oneghe Sele Foundation, founded and registered in 2017 by him, has its functional office in Ewu, Edo State. The NGO offers scholarship to indigent children, orphans, physically challenged, and widows to attend school or learn vocational skills, and also focuses on rehabilitation of returnees who return from prison or abroad and needing help.

The Letter of Vote of Confidence was taken by a delegation of those who signed, all the way from Ewu to the administrative capital in Irrua, to submit in person to the Leader of the Party in the local government area, Hon Bello Oyaziwolo, who accepted the Letter from them, assuring them that it is the right of the Exco in a Ward to decide who becomes their Leader, and not the right of any one man within or outside the Ward.

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