Resetting Edo… for a better and brighter tomorrow!

Resetting Edo… for a better and brighter tomorrow!

…We have a good story to tell… The Radisson Story!

… Radisson Hotel is one piece in the jigsaw

… A luxury hotel requires a substantial workforce to manage its operations

In line with the government’s vision to reposition the State as West Africa’s culture and tourism hub, we are developing the Benin cultural district to host museums, moat walks, research centers and hotels.

The Radisson hotel is one of the pieces in the jigsaw!

Having a luxury hotel in a town that is trying to build on its tourism potential, host international sporting events and tournaments, as well as attract investors can have several benefits:

1. Increased tourism revenue: A luxury hotel like The Radisson brand, attracts high-spending tourists who are willing to pay more for luxurious accommodation. This can significantly boost the town’s tourism revenue and create a positive economic impact.

2. Enhanced destination attractiveness: Benin City with a five-star hotel becomes more appealing to both domestic and international tourists. It will add to the overall appeal of our City as a tourist destination, making it stand out from other nearby locations.

3. Improved infrastructure: The construction of a five-star hotel often leads to infrastructure development in the surrounding areas. This can include better roads, transport links, and other facilities required to support the hotel and its potential guests. Such infrastructure upgrades can benefit both tourists and local residents.

4. Job creation and economic growth: A luxury hotel requires a substantial workforce to manage its operations, including front desk staff, housekeeping, culinary teams, and maintenance staff. By building a five-star hotel, the town creates job opportunities for locals, leading to reduced unemployment rates and overall economic growth.

5. Increased investor interest: The presence of a five-star hotel can attract other investors, such as developers, restaurateurs, and retailers, who may want to capitalize on the growing tourism industry in the town. This can lead to further development and investment in the area, boosting the local economy.

6. Attraction for international sporting events: Five-star hotels are often preferred by international sporting teams, athletes, and officials. By having a luxurious accommodation option, the town can increase its chances of being selected as a host for major sporting events or tournaments. This brings prestige, media coverage, and economic benefits to the town.

7. Improved local facilities and amenities: The construction of a five-star hotel may lead to the improvement and development of local facilities and amenities such as restaurants, cafes, shopping centers, and recreational areas. These enhancements enrich the overall experience for tourists and residents alike.

Overall, building a five-star hotel in a town with tourism potential, international sporting ambitions, and a desire to attract investors can bring several benefits, including increased tourism revenue, job creation, enhanced destination attractiveness, improved infrastructure, and increased investor interest.


Chris Osa Nehikhare
Hon. Commissioner for Communication & Orientation

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