Solid Mineral Development in Edo: Hon. Enaholo Ojeifoh seeks Academic Collaboration

Solid Mineral Development in Edo: Hon. Enaholo Ojeifoh seeks Academic Collaboration

Edo State Commissioner for Mining and Energy, Hon. Enaholo Ojiefoh has met with the leadership of the Department of Geophysics, Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma, underscoring the relevance of academic research to formulate viable policies.

Hon. Enaholo said that Edo State is blessed with a high quantity of solid mineral deposits and noted that exploring possible areas of partnership and leveraging on the wealth of knowledge in tertiary institutions to develop and open up the sector for investors and investments in the state is the way to go.

“The Governor of the state, Mr. Godwin Nogheghase Obaseki has made it simple for investors to do business in the state through deliberate transformational policies. The solid mineral sector is not left out of this transformational process. The government aims to make Edo a mining hub globally. A system has been put in place for investments to flourish in the state”.

Hon. Enaholo disclosed that the ministry will be in partnership with tertiary and research institutions on data acquisition and repository in the mining sector which will also involve extension services and training.

The Geophysics department commended Hon. Enaholo for advocating for partnerships between the government, tertiary institutions, and research facilities to develop the solid mineral industry in the state. They emphasized the vital role of academic research in the process of policy formulation.

Hon. Enaholo will also be meeting with other institutions to leverage academic findings to develop the solid mineral business in the state.

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