The Edo Governor 2024

The Edo Governor 2024

The balance of the State lies in the decision of fairness and equity. It’s not just about where, most importantly who?

We are objective observers, it takes will to get things done right. As a group we are made up of indigenes across Edo State and we have a stake.

As we look closely at the political sector and all parties combined, the independents will determine what next, it is individuals that matter the most. Who can get it right.

Most independents believe and agree that the next Governor should come from the Edo Central District. Aside from fairness and equity, this District who produced Prof. Ambrose Alli in the first democracy only did one term not allowing the then Bendel experience the full potential of his leadership and Prof. Oserieme Osunbor in the second democracy only did 18 months of his four-year first term as Governor of Edo State before being removed from office by the courts. Both men had programs, plans and projects that bettered the state but never allowed to accomplish it fully.

In November 2008, Governor Adams Oshiomhole (Edo North District) was sworn into office replacing Prof Oserieme Osunbor. Governor Oshiomhole served the State for 8 years. In November 2016, Governor Godwin Obaseki (Edo South District) was sworn into office and currently serving his second term to conclude in 2024.

We have been following the trends of all parties.

Now in one of his outbursts, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole claimed that Mr. Clem Agba from the Edo North District and a member of the All Progressives Congress (APC) was going to be the next Governor of Edo State. Clem Agba is the former Minister of State.

The current Deputy Governor, Phillip Shaibu is also gearing up to be the candidate of the PDP and has continued to disorganize, and thwart any political machinations that may cause him to loose this dream.

Let’s stop for a moment. Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, Clem Agba and DG Phillip Shaibu all come from Edo North District and particularly from the Etsako Axis. Even if the Edo North District was taken into consideration we would think that in the interest of equity and fairness Akoko-Edo or Owan would be the ones producing the candidate.

If we critically look at this three men, Oshiomhole is the current senator for the Edo North District, the current DG Phillip Shaibu is from Edo North District also elected and former Minister of State for Budget and National Planning of Nigeria Clem Agba (also throwing in his hat for governor) is from Edo North District and all of them from the Etsako extract.

For balance in government previously the current Governor is from Edo South, deputy from Edo North and the Speaker was from Edo Central.

Now at the 8th Assembly the speaker, Hon. Blessing Agbebaku (elected) is from Owan West in Edo North. This in our opinion is the beginning of power sharing and balance come 2024.

That aside the majority of leaders, members and independent voters across the state support the agenda of producing the Next Governor from Edo Central District. The question then becomes who is the best man for the job.

In our opinion after discussing among ourselves and weighing heavily into the political terrain. It’s not enough to have a well known and good name, also in cases like the PDP, someone who is active and well-known across the political terrain who has the charisma to unite the party as well as continue with good governance. Coming from Edo Central will be an added value to win the elections next year.

Interestingly, Prof. Oserieme Osunbor, Hon Dr Joe Ikpea and others are hoping to get the ticket in the APC, Kenneth Imasuagbon recently decamped to the Labour Party (LP) to clinch the ticket there, the PDP for now has no clear path as to who will be.

We are watching the parties in the state and hoping for the best.

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